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Fast Fashion: Hanging by a Thread


The Playford Hotel

120 North Terrace

Date & Time
Fri 20 Oct 2023 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

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Dive into timely, and thought-provoking discussions around the industry's most critical threat: fast fashion. Two expert panel discussions will explore the significant opportunity in embracing localised, small-scale manufacturing in our efforts toward sustainability. 

Led by Professor Angelina Russo, a practising designer, and owner of artisanal enterprise Fleurieu Made, this panel will spark conversations on a range of crucial topics. Hear insights into the environmental challenges associated with global fashion supply chains, the social impacts of fast fashion, and the important role small-scale manufacturing plays in fostering sustainability. Join distinguished panellists Professor Alice Payne, Dr. Maryam Masoum, Professor Susan Luckman, Claire Kneller, and Lucy McNaught of Kangaroo Island Wool, in uncovering the opportunities within bringing fashion closer to home. This event will empower anyone from industry professionals and policymakers to everyday people who share an interest in sustainable fashion.

This is an AFW Associated Event.

Contact Details

Angelina Russo

0447 177 860


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